• COVID-19
    WVG has made some major changes to our operations in response to COVID-19.  To keep our staff and our clients safe we have reduced our hours as follows: M-F 9am-5pm, Sat Read more
  • Anesthesia
         Hearing that a loved one requires anesthesia for a procedure can be a scary thought whether it is human or animal. Many procedures that can be done on humans Read more
  • Lyme Disease
         New Jersey is a hot bed area for ticks. Besides being gross to look at and remove from ourselves and our pets, they also carry potentially damaging diseases. Lyme Read more
  • Ear Infections
         With spring and summer weather comes one of the most common complaints in veterinary medicine: my dog is shaking his head and scratching his ears all day! Warm weather Read more
  • Senior Pets
        As humans age, our health needs change. Our pets are no different. Though our small animal companions live a much shorter life span than that of a human, they Read more
  • Household Toxins
    10 Common Household Pet Poisons Chocolate – toxicity is dependent on type of chocolate (dark chocolate is more potent than milk chocolate) and pet’s weight. Can cause hyperactivity, vomiting, arrhythmias, seizures, Read more
  • Arthritis
         As the weather gets colder and our pets get older, we may notice they are starting to slow down. It may begin as lying down more or not wanting Read more
  • Pet Insurance
         The cost of caring for pets is on the rise, and for many, when an unexpected serious illness or injury occurs, owners are left with bills into the hundreds Read more
  • Pet Foods
         It seems you can’t turn on your television without seeing at least one pet food commercial. And admittedly, their marketing strategies are phenomenal. But, is it just that, marketing? Read more
  • Brachycephalic Breeds
         Brachycephalic breeds encompass large numbers of both cats and dogs. For those unfamiliar with the term, brachycephalic refers to dogs and cats that I loving refer to as, “smush Read more
  • Garden Toxins
              We all know dogs will eat almost anything they find. Surprisingly, many cats also like to experiment with objects around the house. Spring time brings many beautiful flowers into Read more
  • Cancer in Pets
         The “C” word is something no one wants to hear when they go to the doctor. Pet owners are no different. Cancer in pets, as in humans, comes in Read more
  • Spaying and Neutering
         Shelters across the United States are filled with unwanted cats and dogs every year. Though many are adopted, more are euthanized due to overcrowding and poor health. Spaying and Read more
  • Dental Health
         Does your cat or dogs breath smell? Chances are it is secondary to dental disease. Dental disease is the most commonly diagnosed problem in both cats and dogs on Read more
  • Cold Weather Care
         Cold weather is here to stay for the season. While some of us enjoy being outside this time of year in the snow, our pets are not always so Read more
  • Choosing a Pet
         With the holidays just around the corner, many families consider fulfilling their children’s dreams of getting a puppy or kitten as a gift. For all pet owners, especially first Read more


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  • "My pets are always treated well by the doctors. The staff is important as well, as they are the first impression of a business. The staff at the desk are always pleasant and attentive."
    Anita D- Woodbridge, NJ